What is Univerlist?

Univerlist is one of the biggest extensive databases that is trying to digitalize choosing Universities and Departments. Our goal is to shape the future of the students in the right way,give them the ability to choose the right University, Department and Job with the light of the sience.

While doing all this we are also analyzing the Univesities and Departments around the from both social and academical sides and representing it to you. With our AI and Machine learning supported algorithms, we are helping you to find the best Department, Career and University suited for your needs.

You can also help us accomplish our goal and help the future generation by sharing your experiances about your Universities, Departments.


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Our Team

Murat Ödemiş

Managing Partner

Özalp Torlak

Operation Manager

Furkan Erkorkmaz

Mobile Development Manager

Tuğrul Çavuş

Product Manager

Yunus Gülcü

Lead Backend Developer

Berk Ayvalı

Lead Frontend Developer

Nima Salehi

Senior Data Scientist, PhD

Eva Vidovic

Senior UI Designer

Arın Onur Kurt

Jr. Backend Developer

Berk Açıkel

Jr. Software Developer

Anıl Bozkuş

Jr. Frontend Developer

Cem Tunçelli

Software Development Trainee

Burç Barlas Karakaş

Content Manager

Ege Bengisu Efe

Product Developer

Tunç Meriç

Country Manager - Central Europe & Poland

Anas Kademi

Country Manager - Africa & Nigeria


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Patrick Bosteels

Co Founder - StageCo

Ulaş Karademir

Vice Chairman - Unity

Emrah Tomur

TTO Manager - Yasar University

Ali Servet Eyüboğlu

Co-Founder - English Ninjas

Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer

Angel Investor & Executive Board Member