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10 Universities That Have The Best Night Life in England

When it comes to student life, everyone was wondering about the scope of the university and the level of education of the trainers who were in it, in past years. Afterwards, curiosity about transportation and convenience was also important but now? Here we go! Activities… If we are going to make a choice about a university in a renewed world order, social facilities can be kept on the front. We are presenting you with a list based on UK universities and night life . As a result, be or not to be, fun or don’t fun…

University of Bristol

The city of Bristol is home to many nightclubs. Not only land but night clubs on the boat are also famous. Theka is the biggest nightlife. For those looking for live performance, Colston Hall is Bristol's largest concert venue. Every week you can see concerts like jazz, pop, folk, rock. There is also a comedy nightclub called Jongleurs.

Manchester Metropolitan University & University of Manchester

The amazing city Manchester! Manchester has a vibrant nightlife. It also has famous bars, some of which are Ark, TigerTiger and Suede Club in the world. There are also many places in Manchester that you can join in for many cultural activities such as circus, theater, concert venue, entertainment center and both universities

University of Liverpool & Liverpool John Moores University​​​​

If you're talking about partying, do not look for a place far from Liverpool! Welcome to the club! In addition to hosting two great nightclubs Circo and Modo, it is possible to come across a barbeque by the steps. The ones you can not find are also located on the terrace floors of the buildings, and the generic place hosts many of the roofing parties. Since it is the home of the legendary group The Beatles, it is possible to come across a lot of rock music here. Yes, think of Liverpool if you are absolutely fun.

University of Sussex

Located on the shore of Brighton, this university is known for its high success in education. Is that just so? This university is also famous for its night life. The Seven Stars, which the university also recommends, is quite successful. Also the oldest pub in England is here. Again, you can find a lot of cultural activities in Brighton. Events such as theater and concert are perhaps the cheapest festivals you can meet on the UK border.

Nottingham Trent University

Art galleries, cocktail bars and real beer pubs; All this makes Nottingham the ideal student city. Stealth is often popular with students, and Tilt and Sinatra are very popular with bars. Among the pubs, Bell Inn and Canalhouse are very much preferred.

Newcastle University

Having managed to become a popular student city in the last few years, Newcastle will become the center of entertainment in proportion to this. It is a city with lots of modern bars beside traditional pubs. The Bigg Market and Pink Triangle are very popular places and the university recommends it.

Northumbria University

It is a university that has managed to take first place in night life 5 times in the last 7 years. Because it is in the center of the city, there are many places where students and groups can encounter when they leave school. Another feature of Northumbria is that it is among the best-educated universities. Yes you heard right! They have the best night life and the most successful students graduated from this school. We think that they didn’t sleep at all. Wait… Don’t tell anyone but our most popular nightclub has capacity of 3000 students. Let’s go together and some fun! In the end of the night we are better together :) Obviously this is what makes Newcastle number one on the list.

I think we understand that the UK's most prestigious schools are also very close to entertainment. Everyone needs some fun who works well for the lesson. Work well, get fun in UK! :)

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