9 Situations that You Can Meet at Sabancı University

1. Heavy mail traffic, which is almost impossible to track.

Every contact with the school or with the classes is done via email. So even if you lose your room key, you have to let the dorm official know by mail. Once I missed my plane just because of this... Long story.

2. After first week, you will slowly forget that you actually study in Istanbul.

Here is the ugly truth, Sabancı University is only “theoretically” in Istanbul. It is actually closer to Kocaeli. But don’t be sad so soon there is shuttles that you can take to go city centre with a reasonable price.

3. Lecturers don’t have their titles on the doors.

Lecturer doors are open till the end for the students that aim to learn more. They do not write their titles at the door for not afraid the students to get in and ask their questions.

4. Doing course selection in stress

Just like all other, this university students are pretty sensitive about course selection. Well it is already hard to decide which course to take, beside that for sake of making life more challengeable the web site locks itself in the very first moments of course selection hour. Students manage with this problem by taking any course that is available at that moment and afterward drop the unwanted ones. Dropping is easy. 

5. Problem code: Room Cleaning

Good news! There is cleaning ladies for rooms. Bad news, they only come in early morning… They are clever actually because none of the students want to cut their sleep in middle only for opening the door to the cleaning lady. Instead they leave a note to the door that says, “we don’t want cleaning, thank you”.  However mostly end of final exams week the room becomes a real mess, now it’s time to give up on your beloved morning sleep and ask the cleaning lady to clean your room.

6. All over the campus “feels like home”

After long study hours, students can have hard times recognise if they are in their room or not. After that pinnacle, anywhere in campus can be available to study, eat or even sleep.

7. Recitation Hours

It is hard to attend all the classes ever week. However if you start skipping classes often you may give more importance to recitation classes. Even you can face with the fact that recitation notes are treated as black market stuffs. And before final weeks you will see that recitation classes will be %100 full.

8. Shortcuts(poor grass)

Here is a way to know who is freshman who is not in university. Check their walking way. Unlike the newcomers, former students will prefer walking through the grass (prefer the famous hypotenuse shortcut).

10. Well-known explorers: The Cats

There are not only students and academicians who are located at Sabancı University, but also cats. They known by their investigative personality. They love explore lunch tables, dormitories and even classes (especially on lesson hour). Did you know that they can meow non-stop, until someone open the door for them? Some gifted ones can open doors too.


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