Becoming a Plastic Surgeon, What do Plastic Surgeons do?

Becoming a Plastic Surgeon, What do Plastic Surgeons do?

Although people using plastic surgery in pretty for fun in recent years, it is still a highly demanded medical field. It is a brand new and fast developing branch of medicine. Unlike rumors, it is not about attaching a face-lift or silicone or adding lipid to your body.

Tasks of Plastic Surgeon

It is the duty of the aesthetic surgeon to perform all kinds of procedures, from the stitching of the open wounds with an aesthetic appearance, to the making operation of the knife operations performed in the operating room or to the steps performed according to the person's own request without any disease.

Training Process and Stages
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This type of surgery cannot describe as single describe. Because of its function in various surgery types and suturing the wound it is demanded by many fields of medicine. In order to become a Plastic Surgeon, this decision should be made in the area of ​​specialization in the 6th class of medicine called the Intern period. The person should think well and determine the area of ​​expertise because this person will work in this field for the rest of his/her life.

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A person who wants to be an aesthetic surgeon should attend KPDS and TUS exams as in all surgeries. Because of quotas are not so many person have to get high points in exams. The person who was successful in TUS exam starts to receive training for 5 years. In the first 2 years, the theoretical expression is mainly focused on the practical application of the lecture.When the thesis is accepted, the assistantship period ends and the person who succeeded in the exam will be awarded the title of Aesthetic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon.

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