Things Newly Graduate Engineers Can Come Across and What the Can do About Them!

Things Newly Graduate Engineers Can Come Across and What the Can do About Them

Every day in our daily lives, with each breath we take we see a new branch of engineering come to life before our eyes. This is of course engineering is a branch of job that has something to do with pretty much anything in our lives, meaning that is never stops changing and adding new things to itself.

When someone talks about engineering the first thing that comes to mind is people that work on and towards things but sadly that’s not just it. Engineers don’t just work on things that already exist they also come up with new ideas and watch them come to fruition. So pretty much anything that you come across in our daily loves (except for your loved ones) probably had something to do with an engineer at some point in time.

If you’re an newly graduate engineer this hard and vigorous branch of job can at first be hard and tiring but remember, after you’ve gotten over that first big bump in the road everything will start becoming much easier and you’ll be able to make sense of things about your job all the while you have fun.

So we wanted to give some tips on how we think you can make that jump over the bump much more easier!

1.    You’re only at the beginning of a long journey

     Whenever you just start working at a place, you probably feel like you’re not the one in charge. And that is very true because when you’re someone new at firm, company or a school you’re supposed to learn the ropes first. Instead of feeling down at your work because you’re not the one issuing the orders, you should start observing what you do in our everyday job. Because one day, you’re actually going to be the one that makes all the decisions and until that day comes, just like everybody else you have to start from the bottom, learn the rules and make sure when you’re the one in control you are completely ready to make all the choices because of all that you’ve learned.


2.    You’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelette

     Since engineering is all about producing and keeping in check what was produced, if you’re actually interested in a subject you always have to keep producing in that subject to push yourself forward in your job. As you push yourself forward in engineering whether it’s by producing something completely new or changing up something that already exists to make it much more better you always have to keep in mind there are always going to be some problem that you have to face, but as the old saying goes you’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelette. So get to breaking through all the problems you face throughout the process and make sure that you’ve got one tasty omelette at the end.


3.    Keep what you know up to date

When we consider the fact that every passing second gives birth to a new device in the world of technology we need to remember that everything that we’ve been taught in school changes and evolves with those new things that come out. So you’ve got to make sure that you’re not just limited to the things you’ve learned at school and update all your facts and knowledge to give yourself a broader spectrum of knowledge in technology.


4.    Experience is what matters the most
Of course earning some serious cash is probably what you hope to get from your first job but you have to realize that when you’re someone new in a field like this you should be more interested in getting more experience than cash from your first few jobs. So when it comes down to cash, anything at all you earn from a job is good enough, just make sure that you’re actually learning something as you work because when time passes and you’re ready to take on a serious work that can actually get you some serious money, the recruiters are going to be more interested in your bank of knowledge more than your bank of cash.


5.    Jack of all trades, master of none

Confiding yourself to mastery within a single subject may seem good but in the long run it’s just going to mean other jobs on other subjects that you can’t take because you have no knowledge in them. If you want to enlarge your playing field, you also have to enlarge the number of things that you’re good at. The more subjects that you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of mean many more job offers. The positives that you get from a large pool of knowledge also doesn’t just end at extra job offers too, it also helps you look at something from other perspectives and make sure what you’re doing is the best it can be since you can evaluate it from many different points.

After going through all these pointers the big message on what you need to can be boiled down to how you have got to work as much as you all the while learning as much as you can. As you do this you will start to see how pretty much anything you do about engineering improves greatly over time. So get to work engineers and good luck!

Translator: Arman Doyuran

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