Turning Crisis into an Opportunity, Earning Money Though Foreign Currency

Turning Crisis into an Opportunity, Earning Money Though Foreign Currency

Dollar, Euro, Sterling are all seems to be rising. This could be due to politics or underdeveloped country issues, but what can we do personally to turn this excessively bad problem in to an opportunity?... Well let’s take a look.

Comparing New Graduate Computer Engineer and Software Engineer Salaries

For example, in turkey a new graduate software engineer salary is around 3000 Turkish Liras at the time of writing this blog that is equal around 650 US Dollars.

Now for Netherlands who is accepting Qualified immigrant Software Engineers this number goes up to 3229 US Dollars Witch is around 15.000 Turkish Liras. Now I can already hear you saying, “I can’t go to Netherlands and if I do my expenses will increase” Well… at this point we asked to our UniverList Mentors who is living in Sweden, Canada, France, Poland and Germany, according to their incomes and expenses net income comes up around 10.000 Turkish Liras.

I can’t live abroad, how can I earn Foreign currency from where I live?

Remote Jobs.

You can guess that having a remote job means you can work in your pajamas in your house.

Earning in Foreign Currency and increasing your profit on the fly.

How can I find Remote Jobs?

Finding a remote job can be quite easy, CrossOver is one of the great sites that can provide you will such opportunity it’s a platform made by remotely working teams. You can access the available job listings and salary information here.

If we look at the Software Engineering Salaries, it starts from 30.0000 US dollars. That is Above 12.000 Turkish Liras Monthly earning coming from working from your house, café or beach it’s not a bad deal at all. Another side note… Experienced Engineer Salaries can go up to 100.000 USD/Year.










According to a LinkedIn Remote Job Search, you can see a lot of Options is available in Turkey. If we make this search Worldwidewe will be presented with a lot of possibilities.

Other Sites you can use for finding Remote Jobs:


- weworkremotely

- glassdoor 


- indeed

- jobspresso

- flexjobs

- remotive

- linkedin jobs


Known Companies such as Automattic, Buffer, Edgar, Groove, Ghost, InVision, Hubstaff, Toggl, Doist, Zapier, Toptal, Trello and Basecamp. Took on the remote working philosophy therefore all of their employees are Remote Workers.

What is The Difference Between Remote Working and Freelancing?

You can think of remote working as working for a company just like you normally would but for a limited time. Company may have control protocols though. Some even known to record your screen or camera.

Freelancing on the other hand can be considered working project by project… you will need to adapt to the current economy. There won’t be any constant income or salary. You will need to set your price based on your expertise and skills, such price can start from 15 US Dollars and can go up to 250 US Dollars an hour.

According to Nasdaq’s statistics 43% of the working population will be freelancing in 2020.

On average American Junior Software engineer’s salary is 119.000 US Dollars (I will not be converting this into Turkish Liras so that it won’t affect your mood badly)

According to another statistics 41% of the freelancer population wants to stay as a freelancer their entire life.

If you are looking for a freelancer job we can suggest and, Also which is a worldwide entrepreneurship website can also be a good choice. 



Creating a Software Engineering Company

You can set up Software Engineering Company with your friends and create projects for companies abroad. I can highly suggest you to check out Indian entrepreneurs who has the lead in this area of the business. However, you will have to learn some of the basic dynamics first. Studying the ways of Agile working, Scrum and other type of method knowledge, reading experienced user and technology articles is a great start. If you succeed you will be able to earn foreign currency which will increase your income also at the same time you will have a successfully company in your hands.

Doing a Startup Project

You can make your dream project come true, there is no obstacles holding you from creating your own website or your phone app. For example, when you go to you will see a hot jar button at the right bottom side of your screen which we are paying 199 US Dollars a month, why not pay for a Turkish entrepreneur that is giving the same service? I suggest you to understand the Software as a Service (SaaS) logic beforehand.

Review the SaaS entrepreneurships from websites and if you think that any of those things can be a popular idea within your country there is no reason to stop.

Was That All?

The Computer or the telephone you are reading this from is the key to improve yourself and there are no excuses.

How can I improve myself?

For now, I can suggest websites such as udemy, udacity, edx, skillshare, coursera and pluralsight. I will go into detail later with different blog posts which you can get a notification by leaving your e mail at the bottom of this page.

But all of this is in English?

Yes, having a basic knowledge of English is a must at this point. If you want to earn Foreign Currency It will not happen without English.

If you want to improve your English you can visit sites such as cambly, englishninjas, duolingo, busuu, etc.

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