What is the job of a Data Analyst? How Can You Become a Data Analyst?

What is the job of a Data Analyst? How Can You Become a Data Analyst?

Data’s importance has become more substantial in recent years.Obtaining meaningful data is quite valuable. This value from the software sector to the advertising industry, from betting to insurance in all areas of business. Data analyst; is the name given to the man who analyzes the data stated in the records, analyzes them through the computer, and then reports these data. Their task is making statistics, spotting, processing the data analyze these data.

Which Training Method is Needed for Becoming a Data Analyst?
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There isn’t any Data Analyst Department in universities. Individuals who want to become a data analyst should graduate from the Department of Software Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science, Department of Statistics, and Department of Economics in the related faculties of the universities.The nature of the profession requires analytical thinking.

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The data analyst provides both strategic and tactical support to the company. They do jobs with added value to the organizations they are affiliated with. Their characteristics are:

  • Knowing Microsoft Office Programs well.
  • To have a good knowledge of both oral and written English.
  • Having good enough technical knowledge.
  • Tending to analytic programs such as SPSS.  

Of course, except for these substances, candidates must constantly improve themselves. Because technology is developing and person should remain updated in these fields.

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