What is Univerlist Point?

Univerlist Point

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UL Score is a score resulted from an algorithm that evaluates universities according to their research statics, learning outcomes, infrastructure and opportunities, social facilities, order of preference and international criteria. The contribution of these criteria to the percentile is determined by AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process). A variety of data is collected under each criterion and the significance of data is determined in the criterion with the help of AHP. The data used for the criteria are taken from the official web sites published by the institutions and from the analyzes found on our site. In the developed AHP algorithm, each criterion’s significance level was determined as a result of the questionnaires made by academicians and students from various schools. The value stated as RI (random index) was determined as a result of the literature research (T.L. Saaty, The Analytic Hierarchy Process, New York 1980)


Which Criterias are being used for Univerlist Score ?

  • University Teaching Member / Student Score
  • University's Article Score
  • University Total Citation Points
  • University's Total Scientific Document Score
  • University Entrepreneurship Score
  • University Incubation Center / Technology Transfer Office / Technopark
  • University's Campus Facilities
  • University Placement Rate / Occupancy ratio
  • Entrepreneurship Index Score
  • Campus Facilities
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram follower and Interaction Statistics
  • Univerlist Comment Scores (When the comments total reach 1000)
  • Number of likes and Favourite count, via Univerlist.com (When the total favourite's reach 10000)

Where does Univerlist get the data for scoring?

About the Univerlist Score

  • The UL Score is updated weekly, monthly and when there are changes on the sites where the data are received.
  • The low scores of some universities may be due to missing or incorrect data on Academic HEC or Statistics HEC.
  • If you think that your university has a lack of data, you can reach us via this link and we can do updates for you.